Probiotic Toilet Cleaner

Thoroughly Cleans at a Microbial Level
EVAA+ Friendly Toilet Cleaner is a highly effective and eco-friendly alternative to harsh chemical toilet cleaners. It is packed with the cleansing power of naturally occurring, plant-based, non-mutative, ‘good’ probiotic bacteria.

These helpful probiotics clean safely and thoroughly at a deep microbial level using a natural mechanical action. They inhibit pathogenic bacteria that cause infections and degrade bacterial biofilm. They remove limescale and transform organic waste into a harmless gas that humans cannot smell.

The probiotics have a mechanical action that restores a healthy microbial balance, whilst reducing antimicrobial resistance. Unlike traditional products, this mechanical action continues to work after application – so results are longer lasting. Regular use creates an increasingly safer and healthier microbial environment within the toilet system.

EVAA+ Friendly Toilet Cleaner has a pleasant, natural orange and basil aroma. It is thixotropic and does not disappear straight down the toilet drain. All ingredients are naturally sourced, non-polluting, non-corrosive and quickly biodegradable with no chlorine or other aggressive agents.

Reduces Septic Tank Cleaning Requirements
After flushing, the probiotics in EVAA+ Green Toilet Cleaner continue to consume the organic waste whilst in the drain and sewers. This significantly reduces the quantity of physical waste in septic tanks, which removes the sewage smell. Reducing the physical waste reduces the number of times the tank needs to be cleaned, which reduces costs.

Shake before use. Apply EVAA+ Green Toilet Cleaner under the rim of the toilet and allow to soak for 10 minutes. Then scrub with a brush and flush. Regular use prevents limescale.

Plant-Based Probiotic Bacteria (Auto-Active Microorganisms)
pH Stabiliser
Emulsifier (Castor Oil)
Orange & Basil Aroma
Bottle – 750 mls

Do not use with products that may change effectiveness.
Do not swallow.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Store in a dry place 10°C – 35°C.
Keep out of the reach of children.