Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions (All packaging made from recycled plastic)

Environmental probiotics are completely safe, naturally occurring, plant-based, helpful bacteria – and are one of nature’s most powerful and protective assets. They thoroughly and naturally clean at a deep microbiological level, preventing infections by inhibiting the opportunistic, pathogenic bacteria that cause disease. They remove bio-allergens including pollen, mould spores and animal dander, as well as the root causes of unpleasant odours. They restore natural environmental balance, called a healthy microbiome, to whatever they touch – whether land, water, animals or hard and soft surfaces in healthcare and your home or office.

Environmental probiotics provide sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, whilst reducing the burden of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). If the rise in drug resistant and healthcare acquired infections scares you (and it definitely scares us) – then maybe it’s time to take action. Simply switch to green products packed with the natural cleaning power of helpful probiotic bacteria that do not contribute to antimicrobial resistance; Stop using products packed with harmful traditional and synthetic chemicals that are fuelling the rise.

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