Plastic Can-Rings Make Bid to Enter Circular Economy Via RingRecycleMe Program

Hi-Cone, a global supplier of plastic can-rings, has partnered with recycling technology company Avangard Innovative to put can rings in a recycled production loop and keep them out of landfills and the environment.

On Aug. 14, Hi-Cone, a global supplier of plastic can-rings, announced the launch of the RingRecycleMe program in partnership with recycling technology company Avangard Innovative. The two companies aim to create a “circular approach” to get can rings in a “recycled production loop and out of landfills and the environment.”

Avangard Innovative specializes in recycling #4 low-density polyethylene (LDPE) used in bags, film, and lighter plastics. It will supply post-consumer recycled resin (PCR) pellets from its NaturaPCR recycling facilities to Hi-Cone for the production of its redesigned RingCycles packaging, which reduces the use of virgin plastic by half.

The #4 LDPE can-rings can currently be recycled in the United States and Canada, where mixed plastics are collected, said Hi-Cone’s announcement. Hi-Cone rightly points out in its “2020 Annual Report – The State of Plastic Recycling” that U.S. consumers “do not understand or trust recycling.” The company recognizes that more needs to be done to support collection services and recycling infrastructure.

Manufactured from recycled plastic bottles

Where ring carriers are not collected today, Hi-Cone has created a free recycling program to ensure that consumers can recycle them and give them a second life. Consumers now can send back their ring carriers — instructions can be found on — or by dropping them off at participating retail locations later this year.

Up-cycled from landfill trash.