How RPET fabric is made

The material in a plastic bottle is too useful to end up in landfill. Just to think, those few plastic bottles chucked into then street could be turned into a brand new piece of clothing, backpacks or trainers identical to anything in your favorite store! Sounds impressive but how is it actually done? Below we go… Read more »

What really happens to the plastic you recycle

The secretive way in which plastic recycling is handled in the UK carries the potential for the next big scandal. While the government’s statutory guidance is supposed to clarify who is responsible, research suggests that what happens to plastics we believe to be recycled in the UK is in reality quite obscure. Each council in the UK… Read more »

Environmental groups slam oil industry for betting $400B on plastics

Sept. 4 (UPI) — A London think tank said Friday the oil industry is investing $400 billion in plastics to help make up for anticipated losses in transportation, against efforts worldwide to mitigate proliferation of plastic waste. A report by Carbon Tracker and environmental group SystemIQ said oil companies expect growth in plastics will be the… Read more »

Degradable vs Biodegradable vs Compostable

Quite simply, certified compostable is the only option of these three that breaks down into natural components and does not leave harmful micro-plastics in the environment and food chain. Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably, which can be very confusing, and often when used in a commercial setting it can be what is referred to as “green-washing”,… Read more »

Why Reusables Are Still Safe To Use During A Pandemic

Use of single-use plastic has surged during the pandemic amid uncertainty in the safety of reusable containers. We have seen countries banning reusable bags at grocery stores, coffee shops refusing to accept reusable cups, and grocers closing down their bulk sections for fear of cross-contamination and the spread of the coronavirus. But are single-use containers… Read more »

Upcycling trend grows in cosmetics industry

The research company expects upcycling adoption rates to increase as the industry moves towards regional supply chains for its raw materials and looks to create products for a circular economy. Up-cycled products you will love It says that demand for upcycled raw materials is being driven by growing consumer demand for natural and organic personal... Read more »


Even if you live hundreds of miles from the coast, the plastic you throw away could make its way into the sea. Once in the ocean, plastic decomposes very slowly, breaking down in to tiny pieces known as micro plastics that can be incredibly damaging to sea life. 80% of plastic in our oceans is from... Read more »

5 Fun Ways To Recycle Your Jeans

Clothing is probably one of the easiest things to avoid putting in the trash, yet Americans throw away more than 11 million tons of textiles annually, which is about 66% of the total textiles produced in a year. There’s no need for this. Next time you’re wondering what to do with a pair of jeans that have a rip, no longer… Read more »

Economic meltdown threatens Europe’s war on plastic

Giving a new life to plastic trash gets Carlos Bento out of bed every morning. But the coronavirus pandemic has seen revenues drop up to 40% at Micronipol, the large recycling facility he runs in central Portugal, and it faces an uncertain future. Micronipol produces recycled polyethylene, the base for plastic bags and bottles. The… Read more »