Hello, I’m Ann. I am an ordinary person, a person who believes that small actions from millions of individuals can change the world. I believe it’s the only thing that ever has. I am passionate about providing products that are eco-friendly, sustainable, up-cycled and ethical.

As my partner and I watched news footage and programmes like Blue Planet in late 2015 and felt helpless and concerned for our planets future, we continued to go about our daily lives and continued to stand by and watch as the problem escalated.

The problem was so immense; how could we make a difference? So, we did nothing.

After years of doing nothing, seeing the tide of plastic increasing and the news reports highlighting the connected issues between irresponsible recycling and the state of our oceans, in mid-2019 we decided we could no longer stand by and watch. We decided it was time for action.

From the moment the idea formed, and from the moment we realised that supporting marine conservation organisations and their amazing people was something we could do, we set to work.

So, what better way to help than provide an rPET product range made from the raw material responsible for the problem? along with a product range that is ethical, up-cycled and recycled. At the same time, we can support conservation organisations with their passionate people and infrastructure capable of making a real difference.