Welcome to Stem The Tide.

We provide products manufactured from recycled single-use plastic bottles (rpet) and products that will  help you cut out plastic at home and on the move.  We do this in support of marine conservation and ocean survival. Thank you for your vital support, please make a purchase and spread the word.

If you have a corporate or educational requirement we can produce rpet backpacks and shoppers sporting your details. 50% of all profits will be donated to MCS supporting both marine conservation and your ISO reporting.

Hello, I’m Ann. I am an ordinary person,  a person who believes that small actions from millions of individuals can change the world. I believe it is the only thing that ever has.

I could no longer just sit and watch as the problem escalated. From the moment the idea formed, and from the moment I realised that supporting marine conservation organisations and their amazing work was something I could do, I set to work.

We have products manufactured from single use plastic bottles (rPET) and products that will help you cut out plastic at home and on the move.

  1. By purchasing products made with recycled materials you are helping to:
  2. 1. Promote an industry that is helping to clean up our oceans.
  3. 2. Contributing to recover from the environment or prevent from entering the environment those polluting materials used to manufacture the product you buy.
  4. 3. Show you are not a bystander you are contributing to the solution.